Wrap Dress Pattern

Women love the stature hugging characteristics and the versatility of wrap dress patterns and at the same time men also enjoy the fact that wrap dresses reflect the feminine attributes of a woman. Wrap dress pattern is a multi-use design that serves to be very appealing for women in different ways. Wrap Dress Pattern has the ability of concealing the bulges found in the figure of a woman, it accentuates the curves found in women and at the same time it also provides great level of comfort for the entire day. It is not only figure hugging and can be easily be worn but it also provides a wide level of functions that are considered to be very comfortable for women.

Wrap Dress Pattern

Inception and Introduction of Wrap Dress Pattern

The wrap dress pattern was envisaged by Diane von Furstenberg who was an American fashion designer born in Belgium. The wrap dress pattern first came into the market in the 1970s in the form of knitted jersey. The introduction attracted a large number of professional women who required an easy to wear and stylish dress that would suit every occasion which would include business and office. The design of the wrap dress enabled them in adopting a style that complimented the professional status that they possessed. The warp dress always meant to retain its appearance, appeared very stylish and was also suitable for various purposes.

Modern Wrap Dress Patterns

The modern wrap dress patterns have completely modified and they are made of various materials which seem to be completely different from the jersey fabric that the dresses were made of previously. The fact that modern wrap dress patterns are made of various materials stands the features of the dress those being versatility, comfort, easy-wearing and style. The modern wrap dress patterns are popular because of their open-style and also because of the fact that they have been extended in style with sash ties that decorate the garment and provide it a finishing option. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that wrap dress is a dress that wraps completely around a woman’s body. the basic design of this dress can be transformed to a very large extent and the sash ties can be used creatively.

Different Styles of Wrap Dress Pattern

Different techniques can be used successfully for securing and wrapping the Wrap Dress Pattern. This single dress can easily be converted into different styles that are completely related with the creative way in which the sashes are designed and used on the dress. The final tie of the dress or the sash on the dress also plays an important role in making the dress look attractive and stylish. The dress also speaks of bows that impart sexual difference and play a special role in enhancing the feminity of a woman. The wrap dress pattern has been made very adaptable for women with the assimilation of sash ties and wrap over design. Many sub-styles have also taken birth in this category of dresses namely twist wrap dress which is so-called because of the twists that it contains, maternity wrap dress, plus size wrap dress and convertible wrap dress. The wrap dress style is a winning and all round style that is lived by women for its versatility and its comfort factor. Dress-making and sewing enthusiasts find wrap dresses quite appealing because of the uncomplicated and simple patterns that are found in these dresses. Unlike many dresses that are designed for meeting single purposes, the wrap dress pattern can cover up and accommodate weight changes that take place very often in women. These dresses look remarkably unique and different and they always possess the fashion appeal that is looked for in the dresses. It is only because of their style and the fashion statement that they make that these dresses have become very popular among women and are a must in the clothing collection of a woman. The wrap dress patterns are available in a number of designs and they make for comfort and fashionable wear for home as well as for special occasions.

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